Purpose Monday’s – Self Esteem

Purpose Monday’s – Self Esteem

Posted by Lisa | December 3, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness, Mental Toughness in Selling, Uncategorized

My curiosity around self esteem is when do we recognise that we have high self esteem or low self esteem or that our self esteem is in tack?

A dictionary version of self esteem is fundamentally a judgement of oneself.

It is the beginning of self talk or chatter about yourself.

Is judgement about your self an opinion of your self? I wander how did you get to that opinion of your self?

A belief I have is that most of us are born perfect two ears, nose, mouth, legs, arms, torso, brains.  If that is a view for most of us, we all have hiccups and stresses and some type of aliment along the way.

So again I wonder, what is our opinion of ourselves and where did it come from?

It’s like the old story of a father of two boys who was an alcoholic and one boy grew up to be an alcoholic and said I had no choice, the other boy same father grew up not being an alcoholic and said I had no choice in not being an alcoholic.

Interesting same father and both decided two different pathways from very similar conditioning.

I wonder why they both chose their different ways?

How were you conditioned, to be who you are? Out of the three self esteems outcomes there are;

Low self esteem

Ok self esteem

And high self esteem.

What choices did you make about your self esteem and what evidence do you believe in about your self esteem?

Both interesting enquires to oneself…

If I had to perform surgery about your self esteem, and I put you on an operating table and I was the surgeon where would I operate on you about your low self-esteem?

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