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Activate Your Life Chances

  • Activate Your Mental Toughness ebook
  • Mental Toughness Diagnostic
  • One Hour skype with Mental Toughness Master Richard Payne

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Mental Toughness is the ability to push through adversity with control, confidence and commitment, challenging yourself to grow from every experience.




The MT Assessment is a unique 48 item high quality psychometric measure that identifies your mind-set in everyday life.  Using the assessment and having feedback on your capabilities helps improve your focus and activation with regards to commitment, confidence, control and challenge the four key area’s of Mental Toughness.



Discover how Richard has developed his proven methodology to uncover your purpose, focus and activation.  Richard takes you through his own story of Mental Toughness growing up in Braebrook and struggling through school as a deaf child. Overcoming his own fatal flaws and learning from the vicious circles he had created at the age of 40 he decided to grow up and found his gift of helping others.  A master of continuous improvement, let Richard take you to the next level.

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