The ancient Chinese word for work means
“Take your gift to the marketplace”


For thirty years Richard has recognized the demand for high level executive coaching with a vision to empower sales executives and business producers to pursue excellence in selling.  Working with some of the top International CEO’s and sales executives within Visy, PMP and Pentair to name just a few. Richard provides the insights required to create successful and dynamic sales behaviours to produce X factor results. Richard can create the best team for your business by recruiting the right people and instructing your existing staff using our pinpoint analytics.

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Pinpoint Analytics
Our analytics create insights for you to action, enabling you to discover what’s required to reach your full potential.
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Introduction into the methodology of our Pinpoint Analytics.


To learn the ability to build your sales skills through education.

Pinpointed Insights

Selling vs Communication

Mental Toughness has lot to do about communication and all the things that contribute to Mental Toughness,One the first things that people need to understand is the difference between selling ideas or communications ideas.  Most people are generally confused bout the difference. Selling an idea requires four key components Persistence, the ability to deal rejection,...

Recruit with Knight Owl

For many years the Knight Owl pinpoint analytics have enabled businesses around the globe to recruit the right employees for specific roles. By using the pinpoint in the initial recruitment process means that the coaching is increasing value to the business at minimum cost. If you need help finding the right individual, have had difficulty...

Success in Selling

Success is not about selling its about your platform of ethics and structure. The best sales producers have and know ethics and ethical behaviour its their guiding light. They match their ethical behaviour with great structures. These sales producers are very comfortable in their own skin. Is the question where or why did they learn this, are they...

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