The ancient Chinese word for work means
“Take your gift to the marketplace”


For thirty years Richard has recognized the demand for high level executive coaching with a vision to empower sales executives and business producers to pursue excellence in selling.  Working with some of the top International CEO’s and sales executives within Visy, PMP and Pentair to name just a few. Richard provides the insights required to create successful and dynamic sales behaviours to produce X factor results. Richard can create the best team for your business by recruiting the right people and instructing your existing staff using our pinpoint analytics.

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Pinpoint Analytics
Our analytics create insights for you to action, enabling you to discover what’s required to reach your full potential.
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Introduction into the methodology of our Pinpoint Analytics.


To learn the ability to build your sales skills through education.

Pinpointed Insights

Success Listeners

Success listeners are a rare breed of people, and most sales producers are unaware of this trait. But why do so many people miss this or are not even aware of it? Is it an awareness issue, a self development situation, cultural, ignorance, unwillingness or zero feedback? Who the teachers and masters of success listening?What...

Who does the Motivating in the Business?

Who does the the motivating in the business and why? You or the sales producer? As leader of sales whose duty is it to motivate? Why do people people need motivating? Who feels good about motivating and why? Who's actual responsibility is it? And whats the cost if motivation is not not done well?  Feedback...

Skilling and Filling Pathways

Pinpoint Sales Analytics There many ways of skillfully fulfilling sales producers. Highlighted before, are your sales producers aware of the 10 communications skills that will assist them to be ready for your emerging leadership work? It’s up to senior executives to test and trial the above traits. Promoting from within Every executive knows the challenge...

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