Powerful Purposeful Monday

Powerful Purposeful Monday

Posted by Lisa | August 28, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness, Planning

To recognise your purpose we need to understand the difference between Purpose and potential. Once you get a clear understanding between the two your world could shine differently from the past.

Purpose means discovering your gift, your offering to the world, it will be your aura. People will recognise that something special about you they will see a game on person or a person who is game off. There will be that special thing that you have and they want, people will listen to you more, naturally you become assertive in your language and actions. Purpose is leading a powerful and fulfilling life.

Living your potential is about not being pissed off when you die. If you are not living your potential you could notice why bad luck or good fortune doesn’t happen to you.

Some of the key traits of success are… how they activate their successes …. they don’t make excuses, rationalise, reduce the truth, justify their actions, doing what you said you would do.

When you start living your potential it will engage your purpose, life could become easier to live, start considering what are the things you need to start living the life you want.

These steps are ready for you to embrace and grab hold of.

Move forward and be proud

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