Your Max Monday

Your Max Monday

Posted by Lisa | September 11, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness

The past couple of weeks we have discussed Purpose and Potential now lets look your Max. Have you ever achieved your max? Can you recall a time or times you were at your max? Not how busy you were but did you achieve your max as a person?How would you describe your max?

A belief I have is that we might know what our max is however once we know what it is we set the cruise control just under our max, about 75% of what we are capable of.

Is our real max about our purpose and we actually avoid it and say we are trying hard.

How many of us have the cruise control on?

How many areas in our life is cruise control on?





Do we just click cruise control on not knowing our potential in any of the import things of life.

To understand our max do we need to look at our minimum and is our minimum our survival strategy. Most of us know what our minimum is probably better than knowing our max.

When was the last time you played full out to your max and what results did you get, that day and other days in the future.

Whats interesting about our max as we get older and our bodies and attitude change we once knew what our max was but what will it be moving forward?

Your max must be reviewed monthly at least and acted on daily.

So go and get maxed!


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