Mental Toughness Monday – Selling

Mental Toughness Monday – Selling

Posted by Lisa | September 18, 2017 | Mental Toughness in Selling

Mental Toughness in Selling

Mental Toughness in selling is about communication and one of the first things that people need to understand is the difference between selling ideas or communicating ideas.

Most people are generally confused about the difference. Selling an idea requires four key components persistence, the ability to deal with rejection, bravery in asking the right key questions and the last one enthusiasm.

Lets start with persistence the ability to repeat your message and ask for feedback and find out if your ideas are sound.  Your confidence in persisting is important and imperative to success. This will challenge your belief system and if you believe what you want to become. Persistence in delivery is the combination of your self belief and your voice, your view of the world.

Persistence isn’t about nagging it’s about how many different ways can you ask the questions with rigor without being offensive.  Your ability to reinvent your language and to check with peoples responses to discover if your audience is buying into your ideas.

Persistence and persuasion are different skills however persistence is a key ingredient of persuasion, perhaps more than you think!

How many times have you failed with people not buying into your ideas?

Have you measured your results or did you just waffle and thought this was persistence?

Persistence is about your thoughts and how believable people find you and the worthiness of why your idea is worth persisting.

Before you attempt to be persistent again check if your idea is newsworthy to others and why you are believable. Make sure your idea is sound before you push it down someones throat.

Understand why your idea should be believable and then persist.

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