Purpose Monday

Purpose Monday

Posted by Lisa | October 15, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness, Mental Toughness in Selling


A key tool in mental toughness and perhaps one of the most critical weapons is confront, confronting or confronted.

Confront is a key communication tool, one of the heavy weights of mental toughness along side listening.

But how does confront become a key communication tool? Your audiences need to know your substance or mettle about who you are, otherwise how will they know how they to take you seriously.

Confront is about your presence. It’s not how tough you are but about your demeanour , your tout, your substance and how you will deliver yourself to others.

My experience in coaching others about confront is not about issues. It’s about how you want to handle or present things to others.

My observation from coaching is that my clients usually know what they want to present to others and discuss it but they are still left with the problem they haven’t persuaded the person to take the problem on. They usually end up keeping the problem.

In all the people I have coached their interpretation of confront generally means causing a scene or a fight or disturbance. Confront means the ability to deal with life and its situations appropriately. The right amount of sternness, poise, mettle and the right delivery.

Some people love confront there way is being Blunt.  There is a saying the “Truth can be radical.” You can sugar coat it or be blunt, but at the end of the day who has the problem.

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