Purpose Monday

Purpose Monday

Posted by Lisa | November 13, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness

For the past six weeks I have written about each of the communication tools to remind you here are the six again…

Persuade, confront, assertive, talk , rapport and listen.

The above are the key tools of communication, but the real juice is how to use them for your self to achieve the next of success for your self and others.

To be a real leader you have choices. Try this; You can make it in the world and be by yourself … You can make it in the world and take some people with you …. or You can make it in the world and take the whole world with you.

All three are equally as good, all three say you will make it in the world but how powerfully will you embrace the six tools and design your communication strategy for success? You must decide what success you want.

First off you must have ownership over what or which of the communications tools are letting you down according to your plan of success.

The secret is to develop your weaknesses, but first you must get feedback of your communication style, remember feedback Is King! To be successful build in feedback so you can understand yourself and know what to improve about yourself.

Or you can be assessed and discover what’s missing by completing The Knight Owl diagnostic and work out what’s missing for you. Contact me now at wizard@knightowl.com.au

The next step is how to use your six communications tools, what I mean by this is your strategy for success, this means who is your audience? captains of industry? politician’s? your direct reports? your team? your counter parts?

The Mental Toughness lesson here is if you want to go to the next level you need to create your success the way you want and for others as well.

One concept I discuss with my clients is “do you want to die pissed off?” you choose yes or no? There’s a way to get your plan of success going and support it with your new communications model.

Your life deserves you becoming more successful. Contact me now at wizard@knightowl.com.au or www.knightowl.com.au

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