Purpose Monday – Success

Purpose Monday – Success

Posted by Lisa | November 20, 2017 | Discovering Mental Toughness, Mental Toughness in Selling

Mental Toughness firstly is having a plan for success, planning success most people think about “what can I do” vs “what can I grow”

Both have entirely different styles of thinking and both need critical thinking about your communication structure and strategy.

Lets take the concept for success “what can I do”

Lots of people pride themselves on what they can do, its about your personal abilities which could mean your potential is only you. Nothing wrong with what your doing it’s also the power of you only.

How much can you do? If you get your thinking right you can become amazingly successful.

There are a lot of professions that produce a lot of success;

Lawyers dentists tradies and genuine hard workers, the challenge is they must fill their working hard for themselves, you have to become good at selling your time and getting the right value for it. For some people that is a choice and some are very successful at this.

Lets look at “What can I grow” hmmm this very different to what can I do?

I wonder how would you personalise the difference?

80% of the worlds wealth is owned by 20% of the world, so does this mean the 20% have at least four people working for them? Either in direct employment.

Does 20% of the worlds wealth have a combination of the four people working for them plus different services as well?

More research about the wealthy; If the worlds wealth was redistributed again there would be only 1% change to the worlds ownership of wealth. The research says only 1% would change, that means some of wealthy who never made their wealth would lose it and the bottom 1% the ones who never had a chance to get access to opportunity, would become wealthy.

WOW the Knight Owl Says…

Where are you in the wealth stakes? Are you in the 80% of workers or the 20% of the wealthy?

Where would land if the wealth was redistributed, would you be included in that 1% or would you be where you are and nothing changes for you.

So what would have to change for you about your thinking to be in the top 20%? And have four people working for you or more.

The fundamental thing in your life is to have a plan and build the communication tools for yourself. There is no shortages of ideas in the world, so what will you do?

If want to know what’s missing in this thinking for you. Contact me at wizard@knightowl.com.au or www.knightowl.com.au

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