Purpose Mondays

Purpose Mondays

Posted by Richard Payne | November 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Succession Planning “who owns it you or the boss?”

What do you want to know about succession and why so many people get it wrong…

First let us identify what succession planning is and what it isn’t, what does it mean for you to win that job…

What it is?

It’s a process for identifying developing new Leaders, which bosses or companies design.

Lets examine this straight away… its the bosses program or the company program.

Do you know the rules, do you know the company strategy moving forward, if your in line or you think your in line for succession planning.

How do you know the engagement rules?

Are the processes clear to everybody? What is the company procedure, how will you be informed? Is it fair and equal? It is a process for identifying leaders.

What would the key questions be that a succession planning committee would ask for the right internal candidate?

Hard work is obvious. But what are the other questions to qualify you or any other candidate for succession planning? Just because you work hard for the boss it might not qualify you.

Lets put forward the questions they would ask to identify developing leaders.

Once they have decided their business strategy and direction to which you might not be privy to.

What would they be looking for in the candidate…

What are special features in the individual they want?  How you would fit into their range of specifications?

As you gather there is a lot risk for you not knowing their questions.

Opportunities are always occurring, buyouts, acquisitions, business being sold,  business growing, leaders or managers retiring, getting fired, leaving. There a minimum of 9 reasons of change happening all the time and in fact faster than ever along with the face of succession planning is changing to.

This means the rules are perhaps changing as well.

As I mentioned before what would or will the “questions” outlined be for succession planning now?

Most questions that will be asked will generally be technical and basic questions.

But what I think the focus could be are the qualities are they looking for.

Lets repeat the key word ”qualities”  we are entering 2018 shortly lots of decisions are being made over the holiday or quite time.

Do you know what qualities you should have, do you know what it takes to be eligible for a succession plan.

Probably the most key word you should be focused on is Adaptive, but what are the ingredients of being adaptive:

This is simple meaning … flexible they don’t loose their cool when plans change quickly they know what the meta outcome is.

Supporting the role of adaptive takes mental toughness to stay on course and know what change is quickly, to support adaptive your structure for communication must be developed.

What it isn’t…

Chaos, uncertainty, bad planning, culture, guessing.  Do you want to be part of a badly misled or mismanaged company? It’s your life and what type of stress do you want in your life?

You could easily win your bosses job, your right is to challenge where the business is going, it also could be a bad move for you.. after all the hard work you have done.

What and how will you win that critical job you want…

I’ll put it bluntly, succession planning is your responsibility, what do I mean by that, I would say you are now being responsible for your development and learning, if you are leaving it to the company or your boss to decide you are just hoping for bad luck.

If you really want your bosses job my belief is you start doing his job now even with or with out authority.  How will you ever know what to do if you don’t do your bosses job?

In my experience in coaching high achievers my strategy has never failed around succession planning.

The homework I get my clients to do, is ask the boss or leader to take a piece of their bosses job, they will always give you something they don’t want to do.

Its such a simple question isn’t it….

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