Mindset Fitness

Mindset Fitness

Posted by Lisa | January 22, 2018 | Discovering Mental Toughness

The first step towards fitness and weight loss is why you are overweight or unfit, inspect your mindset.

Let’s examine the word De-conditioned.

Most likely between the ages of 6 and 10 you probably didn’t know you were fit or unfit, you were just being a young person, when the age of 11 to 15 appeared you might have played team sports or solo efforts.

16 to 21 you were most likely slim and ok, so we don’t know when your relationship with food, health , fitness took place and body shape changed.

Nominate to your self when you started loosing fitness,  gaining weight , changing shape, also what new food habits started and also lifestyle habits occurred.

Lifestyle can come from your family or partners eating habits.  What is illogical about food?  How many food or body stories do you have in you mind that led to your De-conditioning?


Age group           food habits, body change,  family values,  fitness changes, fit or unfit



11 – 15


16 – 21


22 -30




Along with the answers write down your relationship and events at those times when things started to change.

Let’s benchmark the changes, all the information will contribute to why you became De-conditioned towards fitness, food and changing habits.

This is a very difficult inspection to look at in why did you become De-conditioned to your health and fitness. The should or could be a Ah Ha moment of what happened and inspecting your mindset at the same time.

What became De-conditioned your body or your mindset?  With the above graph put some mindset thoughts along side the changes.

To be fit and healthy it can cost you nothing.

Your mindset is the answer.

Most people are afraid to look at why their bodies and mindset got De-conditioned.

We have seen many big efforts to loose weight and campaign our bodies to a resurgence.  I wouldn’t go to a gym or personal trainer until I realised why you became deconditioned. Its our ugly or liberating truth.

Our panic to liberate ourselves into new habits can quickly fall over, that’s why  we need to sober up our thinking and recondition ourselves.

Lets contextualize the word reconditioning, you once had a healthy mindset towards your self and so rushing and paying for gym membership, buying the latest fitness stuff wont help you.

Reconditioning is about your mindset and inventing some thinking around mindset for your self.

As you recondition yourself, inspect your mindset and let’s see what’s working and what isn’t working about your fitness regime. You need to be totally objective and ruthless about yourself. Looking in the mirror is one way but the mirror can only see what’s on the outside, you need something to inspect your mindset…

Most people do not look at is these four key areas. The four areas are what’s your relationship with challenges, commitment, your personal confidence, and your ability to control things in your life to get physically and mentally focused

Lets inspect what you can’t see about yourself, let’s inspect your what are the weaknesses about your reconditioning or mental toughness is about to move forward.

If you are going to choose a training partner get one who will be as focused as you. Find out about their mindset as well. So you are both game on.

Then you can go forwards and say “let’s get physical” as Oliver Newton John would say, and you could also quote “let’s get mindset right” as Knight Owl will say.

Take your Mental Toughness Test HERE

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