Monday Potential Purpose

Monday Potential Purpose

Posted by Lisa | February 12, 2018 | Discovering Mental Toughness

Through the years, and as people get older, I hear peoples age being mentioned of what they can do or what they can’t do.

I wonder why age Is used as a barrier to limit your potential or purpose.

The use of age and the words and language that follows by you are usually interesting, lets starts with the basics… im past that, I don’t have time, busy…

Then it becomes more sophisticated or brilliant logic to wash away what we can do.

Our evidence to ourselves can become amazing the internal evidence and language we say to ourselves of why we wont get things done…

What’s the big difference between logical evidence and illogical evidence.

Let’s start with logical evidence of why we shouldn’t do things any facts behind your truth of you cant go the next level and reach your potential, can you think of the things you say to yourself even logically of why you don’t do things to reach your potential?

The star of the show is your illogical evidence, any type of evidence that you need to make sense in your mind. My one for a long time, Im fat but Im fit. Or my deafness, because I thought I had lousy hearing I thought I couldn’t listen, what I didn’t do is find better strategies to discover listening, and now that I do I have “wow” extraordinary results.

What’s your illogical evidence, whats the stuff you say about your self to limit your ability and your potential….

Name three of you best classics what’s your illogical evidence that limits you

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