Licence to Skill

Licence to Skill

Posted by Richard Payne | February 1, 2021 | Mental Toughness in Selling
Pinpoint Analytics

Sending your unskilled sales producers out into the real world is a license to kill your bottom line.

However giving them a licence to upskill their sales traits will produce business growth. We all know every sales producer is unique in their own way, it’s wonderful that we all have different styles. Unique or not are you absolutely sure they have the right communication and sales skills to deliver real world results. Ensure your business has a licence to skill by using our pinpoint analytics within your team.

Licence to Thrill

Sales producers are like any other learning person, their ability to keep up the thrill to produce business is an interesting challenge. Keeping the thrill to the sales producers is a part of their self motivation. Explore a way to keep the thrill for those up for the challenge, that is a licence to skill.

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