Skilling and Filling Pathways

Skilling and Filling Pathways

Posted by Richard Payne | February 8, 2021 | Recruitment
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There many ways of skillfully fulfilling sales producers. Highlighted before, are your sales producers aware of the 10 communications skills that will assist them to be ready for your emerging leadership work?
It’s up to senior executives to test and trial the above traits.

Promoting from within

Every executive knows the challenge of promoting sales producers from within the company. Yes they have the knowledge and it could be the most simple and logical choice. But its a crucial decision where do you take the guess work out of the right or best decision? What will work and what are the strengths and weakness of this person for the business? Are they ready? Do you really know what they think and can they handle the new pressure? What’s the pathway or stepping stones to both of your successes?

Future ready

The above is a statement of your readiness to own your future and your stakeholders. It is nature vs nurture thinking. What must be built into nature vs nurture? It is skilling with ethics. To be future ready for your sales force, the minimum 10 communications skills are the baseline in your business.

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