Who does the Motivating in the Business?

Who does the Motivating in the Business?

Posted by Richard Payne | February 15, 2021 | Mental Toughness in Selling, Recruitment

Who does the the motivating in the business and why? You or the sales producer? As leader of sales whose duty is it to motivate? Why do people people need motivating? Who feels good about motivating and why? Who’s actual responsibility is it? And whats the cost if motivation is not not done well? 

Feedback is the Best Friend to a Sales Producer

What’s the difference between what you are taught in the education system and non linear education, .This is where you need to be a real learner of life, the stuff they don’t teach you at school or university.  Do you know there are 10 communications skills to learn. Which skills do you know and could develop? Feedback is the best friend to a sales producer, not motivation.

Feedback is your private quality assurance program

Feedback is possibly your biggest no cost education and your biggest return on your investment time. You could not possibly measure the return on investment in receiving feedback. Feedback is what you will receive when you complete the Pinpoint Analytics. Feedback is important get in touch NOW!

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