Mental Toughness in Selling

Posted by | March 15, 2021
Success in Selling

Success is not about selling its about your platform of ethics and structure. The best sales producers have and know ethics and ethical behaviour its their guiding light. They match their ethical...

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Posted by | March 8, 2021
Business Culture Mandate

The executive should understand how to create mandate of cultural success. The sales become second nature, you then become a business of choice, you become a magnet for success. Other...

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Posted by | March 1, 2021
An Idea is just an idea

Richard Payne Founder of Knight Owl A lot of sale producers have lots of ideas. The successful sales producers know how to transform an idea into something real. Idea to...

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Posted by | February 15, 2021
Who does the Motivating in the Business?

Who does the the motivating in the business and why? You or the sales producer? As leader of sales whose duty is it to motivate? Why do people people need...

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Posted by | February 1, 2021
Licence to Skill

Pinpoint Analytics Sending your unskilled sales producers out into the real world is a license to kill your bottom line. However giving them a licence to upskill their sales traits...

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Posted by | November 30, 2020
Sales Agility

To have agility or not have agility is the new success or failure for business.  During covid and beyond the new unsaid trait is agility. The world will be changing...

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Posted by | December 15, 2017
Freaky Friday

Did you inspect the word busy? Will you start 2018 and how will you finish 2017?

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Posted by | December 8, 2017
Freaky Friday

Well hello to your self esteem week... Did you measure what successes you had from your self esteem this week? What decisions did you make this week and what role...

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Posted by | December 3, 2017
Purpose Monday’s – Self Esteem

My curiosity around self esteem is when do we recognise that we have high self esteem or low self esteem or that our self esteem is in tack? A dictionary...

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Posted by | November 20, 2017
Purpose Monday – Success

Mental Toughness firstly is having a plan for success, planning success most people think about “what can I do” vs “what can I grow” Both have entirely different styles of...

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